A long list of generous-spirited, enthusiastic contributors help us make great products. Our team includes advisors and partners. We are a formidable innovation engine.  

Beth Kolko

Beth is an internationally recognized expert in technology design for emerging regions who brings leadership and experience across the Shift Labs domains. She has successfully led large team projects for over 12 years, she has worked with the global innovation community for nearly a decade, she has 20+ years of fieldwork experience that informs product ideation at Shift, and she has worked on multiple disruptive global health technology projects.

Koji Intlekofer

Koji has a Masters of Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. His educational background includes robotics and sustainable design and manufacturing. He was co-founder of viaCycle, a bikeshare technology company, enabling fleet management and access to bicycles similar to ZipCar. He is also a Y Combinator alum, CleanTech Open participant, and MIT Clean Energy Prize winner. Koji joined Shift Labs to help bring quality medical care to more people at a lower cost with innovative approaches. 

Chris Coward

Chris Coward previously started and led a multi-million dollar research center, and he has extensive business development experience working with public and private partners. He has spent 15 years working with technologies in emerging markets, and his background in international marketing and advertising provides a key component of the team. He has done work in 50 countries and brings extensive, well-developed global connections. 

Shevin Jacob

Since 2006 Dr. Jacob has spent the majority of his time working as a researcher, instructor, and clinician in Uganda. His primary focus is on patients hospitalized with sepsis syndromes, primarily at two Ugandan government hospitals - Mulago National Referral Hospital and Masaka Regional Referral Hospital. In addition, he has been a consultant for WHO on improving the management of critically ill patients in austere settings.

In addition to our core team, we have a hacker board that brings their incredible engineering expertise to our early ideation and validation efforts. We also have medical advisors from a range of countries and specialties who work with us on problem identification and testing our prototypes at all stages. 

And we have an amazing group of advisors, including Paul Holman, Bre Pettis, Brooks Simpson, and Ethan Zuckerman.